Wednesday, March 27, 2002

I got to play piano last night. Massacring my way through the moonlight sonata. DAMN I'm out of practice. I also got to try playing an accordion, I'm really not sure if I could get used to not being able to see my left hand, especially with all those damn buttons.

It was a nice evening, playing pool, then going back to meet his piano, having a cup of Earl Grey and being referred to as being "from the mother country" *giggle* Playing piano in front of a musician and not feeling particularly self concious about it.

In case you haven't guessed, that was another date. I'm not sure if it deserves inverted commas or not. I suppose I should get over using the D word. We had a pleasant time and neither of us is interested romantically, but it will be nice to know someone to have coffee with and maybe learna couple of duets for practice. Anyway, Bob the musical physicist, mathematical composer, pseudo-irish waveform manipulator. Maybe I should think up better pseudonyms for people.

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