Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Oh oh oooh!!

NEENER NEENER Thhbbbbbbpppppppp!

I just remembered that someone doesn't have the url now I've moved my blog. Cue uninhibited bitching? I don't think so, there's very little to be gained at this stage. I've done my venting, both to him, my friends, and here. (See November 17th [>] )

Now it's more important to focus on what I can learn about myself from all this, especially to set up some rules and boundaries for myself. Most people in my situation have to work on getting comfortable with the concept of relationships, for some reason I went the other way, and am altogether way too comfortable with intimacy, and it's gotten me in over my head before I realise I'm not happy with the situation. Hence the introspection report. With Pie Charts. Probably not going to be published here though, so don't hold your breath.

Well, ok, here's one I'll give away for free: I am not going to enter into a relationship with someone who is unable to look after themselves financially. No, that doesn't mean they have to be well off, it means they have to be able to get by day to day and month to month without beg/borrow/stealing to make ends meet.

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