Wednesday, March 27, 2002

I guess I should report on coffee with Tim, I emailed him on Monday but he's not emailed me since we met up, so I guess I didn't make a good impression. Pity, he was someone I'd really like to know more about, there seems to be an awful lot to know, he's someone who's done lots already and has creative drive and energy by the bucketload. I know that I was really nervous about the whole situation, not knowing what's generally expected, or how much I should be selling myself and how much I should "just be me", all that dumb dating crap. It probably didn't help that he was cute. Very cute. As in so cute 'Lia took 15 minutes to get over it. K'wyn asked me if I managed to avoid inserting "Wow, you're cute" into any of my sentences. As far as I know, I did avoid that particular Bridget Jones-ism.

*sigh* I was really looking forward to seeing his work studio and maybe trying to make something, even if it wasn't the bed I keep planning. Plan B: take metalworking classes at UCSD's Grove and figure it out for myself. I've already got more of an idea of an actual design forming, I need to collect some pictures of beds I like and start making sketches.

Meanwhile this quarter coming up will be creative B&W photography. Assuming the class isn't already full, then maybe I will take beginning metalwork.

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