Thursday, January 30, 2003

One nifty random thing I forgot to mention about the new Fluffcomp. When I signed up for the trial period of MSN explorer, it gave me a little icon for my account (and then a different one for Matt when I made him a user account), the icon it randomly assigned to me is a girl in a very Tang Soo Do-like uniform, in mid flying-side-kick. She even looks a little like Pinguino, I think it's an omen, though whether of happy computer usage or of a black belt in the future for me, I don't know.
Matt's icon is a pair of deck chairs on a beach, so clearly my computer isn't quite as good at guessing his identity.

I wish I had a vacation day to use tomorrow, I can console myself with the thought that my NEXT birthday will be on a Saturday. Matt picks up the keys to his new place tomorrow after work, so we will have a double celebration in the evening. We're going out for a proper meal and everything, all dressed up and stuff.

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