Friday, January 17, 2003

Tonight's going to be fun, starting with an emergency trip to the airport to ensure Radiskull's passage to Berkeley is achived in a timely manner, followed by grocery shopping, table shopping (and chairs and wood stain and brushes shopping), cooking, eating, tidying, hanging out with Bob, packing up a minimalist waffle-making kit to take to La Mesa and finishing off with a second trip to the airport to collect a sleepy, frostbitten and homesick Matt.

OK so he's not actually frostbitten, but he has got an injured toe, so I took creative liscence.

Funny thing is, the prospect of all this isn't stressful, or overwhelming, or anything along those lines. Sometimes it's really great to zoom about getting things done, and it's all in the name of good causes. Causes like friends going home, eating curry, owning a table (and chairs and wood stain and brushes...) bringing waffly goodness to one much in need of home-cooking, and getting Matt back in San Diego. Especially the last one.

Happy Friday everyone, keep your fingers crossed for miraculously light traffic on 5 South.

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