Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Three days to go!

It is also my Mum's birthday tomorrow, I hope I remember to call her before I go to work.

The trip up to LA was a great success, I feel more relaxed there now for some reason, maybe it's that I'm feeling less and less like a strange intrusion into my Californian family's life. Aunt Susan plotting an impromptu early birthday lunch for me was so sweet, she explained it by "well, we never do anything for you Rosie", which is typical Susan logic, and completely untrue if yo ask me, they are always warm and open, welcoming to me simply because I'm family. They're proud of me for what I've accomplished, though is seems so little to me, and even if they know of the more spectacular failures and mistakes (Granny at the very least must have figured some of it out) it doesn't seem to factor in.

What's more, they gave me a waffle iron, so they must love me!

Being up in LA also enabled me to forget that Matt is currently on the other side of the country, even though he called to tell me about exploring many historical sites over there with his Mom.

Soon I won't have to worry about that though, because he'll be home and I'll be feeding him waffles until he pleads for mercy. Between December and January we'll have had a whole month apart, thankfully we had a week in the middle of it to regroup, store up snuggles, and exchange yule gifts.

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