Friday, November 02, 2012

Day of the Dead

Yesterday ended with a panic attack. Frozen in my seat, weeping, eventually finding the breath to ask Mr Riveter to help me find the anti-anxiety medicine I'm to take (ideally) before it gets to that point. Sometimes it sneaks up. There is a lot of pressure in parts of my life. We bought a house in February that is needing more work than we expected, my parents and sister are all living together in Berlin while Schwestie undergoes chemotherapy for stomach cancer, I'm still settling into my job, and we've been trying to short sale our old condo since we moved out of it in February.

We have been inching closer and closer to closing the deal on selling the condo, and yesterday I found out that it might fall through after all. We're still figuring out what the financial implications of that might be. The worst case scenario relates to certain tax exemptions not being renewed for 2013 and us possibly ending up with a Very Large Tax Bill™. We'll see.

This evening we are going to see the Dia de los Meurtos procession in Old Town, then to visit the most famous haunted house in San Diego, the Whaley House. Hopefully nothing there will be panic-inducing.

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