Saturday, November 03, 2012

Search terms that bring you to my door

Given that this is "all time" search terms it's clear that not many people arrive here through Google searches. Moving into our house seems to have boosted my Google traffic as three of the top ten searches relate to the theme of "ranch style house". Perhaps I should turn this into a home-renovation blog. Considering current budget and time constraints it would be a very slow and seldom-updated home renovation blog. I doubt anybody wants to hear about how it's taking us nearly 2 months  of Saturday mornings to uncover and repair our sprinkler pipes in preparation for re-seeding the lawn.

"An embarrassment of bacon" will take curious searchers to this post about my surprise 30th birthday party where I received a pound of bacon.

I hope I have not contributed to fear of rodent-flu with my facetious posting years ago about our lab full of mouse researchers all coming down with flu. For the record: there is no such thing as mouse flu. Rodents can carry hanta virus though, so it is still recommended to get rid of any infestations promptly.

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Isabelle said...

Sorry to hear about your panic, which seems understandable in the circs (though nonetheless horrible). I do hope that your sister is making progress.