Thursday, November 01, 2012


On Halloween night I got home last night after dark. My husband had lit a wood fire in the fireplace, the porch light was on to attract trick-or-treaters, a basket of fun-sized sweeties was set by the door and we shared a meal of tomato soup and cheese on toast while waiting for the hoards of adorable children in costumes to arrive and demand their sugary tribute.

The first callers were the four young teenagers from next door, in very well done costumes. Some people frown on teens trick or treating, but I say it's fair enough if you make the effort to dress up. The boys were a teenage mutant ninja turtle and a skeleton, the girls were a princess and a fairy. They had their chihuahua dog with them, in it's own little super hero costume. Half an hour later a father and his son of 3 or 4 strolled up. The boy was in a ninja costume and seemed much more interested in seeing a cat and admiring our solar garden lights than in bagging some candy. Then a solo pre-teen dressed as a mafioso came by and that was it! No more visitors for us, and our ridiculous stash of candy was barely touched.

This morning I filled my lunch bag with the surplus and added to the heap of sweets on the sideboard at work. Leaving all the favourites at home for us of course.

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