Monday, August 06, 2001

*Announcement* I am in less of a nutsky mood today.

Probably because I STARTED in a good mood, so I'm not experiencing a backlash from a shitty morning. I got my diploma today, I had to pick it up form the post office, because it was recorded delivery. It was a really nice sunny morning, so we sat outside with our coffee and Inigo kept us company by hiding under the bench. He was in a "don't touch me, just admire me and give me milk" mood.

K'wyn had a craving for Hot & Sour soup, so we found a Cantonese place for lunch, it was good too, (phew) after which we met Duncan so he could pay me back for the last phone bill. It would have helped if he'd had his cheque-book. "I've brought £20 enough?" This is for a phone bill from march to June, including his calls to France. *pat pat pat* Yes dear, make it more like £250... Gotta love that boy's command of reality. Ok, NOW I need a smoke. Sorry K'wyn, I don't think I'm going to manage 2 days without.

On the up side, K'wyn and I bought ourselves some twee little espresso cups, they were on sale if you bought 4, so we bought 2 identical pairs, and took one of each. One pale green with little daisies, and one white with multicoloured polkadots and a blue saucer. We're so sad. But in a very cute way. We also went to look at coffee presses, or French Presses, which are WAY cheaper here, but we got booted out of the store because it was closing. At 5-30, strange time. That's something I won't miss about the UK.

I loved being able to nip out for coffee at 3 am, or just set up with a text book and index cards and not leave my corner for anything but refills and the loo. Mmmm....all night coffee places. But I won't need em so much, cause I won't have finals week. *trying hard not to look too smug at being a graduate*


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