Monday, August 27, 2001

It's about 29 hours till I land in Atlanta, hopefully it won't be like that dream I had a while back where we land in the car park in front of the LeFont Plaza movie theatre, and the people waving the glowing sticks to guide the aircraft are all done up for Rocky Horror. Yes I'm a freak. FYI, the Plaza does Rocky Horror as the Friday Midnight Movie, so the dream wasn't THAT strange. Honest.

We're all heading off to have a family lunch, it's a lovely sunny day, and it was nice being in town this morning with no huge festival crowds, I got to stroll along Princes St and admire the view of the Castle in the sunshine. I'll miss stuff like that, but every town has nice places to wander and look at the view, one of which is right next to our apartment in Atlanta!

Countdown for Mission: Move To Atlanta is kicking in.....I'd better not suddenly discover a whole heap of clothes I forgot to take.

Ok, gotta go, Dad's here. Time for lunching.


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