Tuesday, August 21, 2001

I'm glad I don't have a dog, I've just had 2 hours of looking after a nutso mutt who wandered into our garden (and our pond) Dad was phoning the police station and trying to get ahold of the owner, and I was trying to keep it happy, but out of the pond. Unfortunately it seemed very thirsty, and didn't get the concept of drinking from water that it wasn't currently swimming in. Cute beastie, but a definitely handful. Yeah, I'll definitely walk a dog for someone who's incapacitated, but they're just too much work all the time. I don't want to put that much energy into a critter who isn't a mini human, thus promising the potential for conversation.

Phew, my jeans REALLY need a wash now, pond water and doggy smell isn't my usual perfume of choice! That damn mutt just kept going back into the pond, in between destroying a frisbee and any bushes that got in her way in pursuit of said frisbee. Good thing both of the cats were down the pub or something. THAT could have been messy. As it was it was a fairly fun interlude of dog pseudo-ownership. I wonder where these puppies get their energy from, it was so damn BOUNCY. And we could do that great thing where you pretend to throw something and the beast's halfway across the garden before it figures out there's nothing to chase yet. Muah hah hah. It's a shame when cats figure that one out at age 5 weeks, hours of entertainment can be had fooling dumb animals. Though admittedly it can get depressing when the dumb animals are the same species as you...

*sigh* I'm off to see the Cirque Surreal this evening, I'm TIRED. It'll be good, I just wish the big top was heated. I've started getting up earlier, but haven't managed to convince my body that also going to sleep earlier is also a good idea. Right, now I'm going to see just how many piles of books I have to sort through to find my photos so I can pack the first case for Atlanta. The smaller case is going to be full of the random heavy stuff. If I put books in the huuuuuuuuuuge suitcase no-one can lift it!

Ah! I just remembered something GOOD! I took all my textbooks to San Diego, and I DON'T NEED THEM ANY MORE!! *ahem* Not that I'm glad to be a graduate or anything. The boom box is getting shipped *sniff* surface mail, and maybe the photos should be too, I don't NEED em, it would just be nice to be able to finish albuming them while I have free time. Oooohhh, I'm actually getting somewhat organized. Wow. That coffee is finally kicking in. Right, all I need to leave unpacked is clothes to last me from now to Tuesday. Alternatively I could stay in all the rest of the week in my PJs, and pack EVERYTHING. Nah, I tried that when I was a kid, it doesn't work.

Maybe next time I'll be able to report some progress in the packing saga.


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