Monday, August 20, 2001

When the cats refuse to attempt Mount Laundry without ropes and a sherpa, you know it's time to do the wash...

Having said that it was only 3 loads, it just LOOKED mountainous. Hell, it looked like it was developing foothills. So today is the beginning of the organisational nightmare that is Operation Move-To-Atlanta. Beginning with my stunning leap out of bed at 9am, followed by staggering around my room trying to locate wearable clothes from the assortment of clean heaps "to be put away later". What's the point in putting clothes away when it's all going into suitcases in the next couple days anyway? Exactly.

I just had a horrible thought: when I went to San Diego I had the use of my Granny's luggage allowance. So I have more stuff, and one less suitcase to work with. *eyes up wardrobe unit and wonders if it'll be possible to convince the airline staff it's really a handbag*

Anyway, to be totally boring, I'll list today's achivements. For one thing, I managed to get in and out of town before most of the tourists had woken up and infested the throughfares in their matching Edinburgh Tattoo waterproof ponchos. This is a major achievement, not just because it means getting up before noon. I returned 4 dud bras I'd bought without trying on, and GOT INTO THE CHANGING ROOMS WITHOUT WAITING to try on some more. This getting up early thing really can pay off. I even got myself some squishy shock-absorbing socks with "L" & "R" marked on em. That'll solve the dizzying problem of which foot the socks go if I lose both "R" ones in the wash...will that give me two left feet? Sorry, too easy.

After buying some little sushi thingies from a sandwich shop (they contained COOKED tuna, sacrelige) I made it back in time to aid the return of the Parents' furniture, all orange-apholstered and shiny new from their makeover. I suspect it's not the same chairs. There's no cat scratches in the fabric, they can't belong to us.

Now all I have to do is pack up all my important possesions into two suitcases and a few boxes, and give the rest to goodwill. That way I can wholeheartedly say that nohting in my room is for the trash. Even if Margaret thinks otherwise *grumble grumble*

Ah hah, I hear the car, I wanna see Mum's reaction to our new fab furniture.


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