Friday, August 31, 2001

WOOHOO! I made it here, no staying overnight in Amsterdam, and no lost suitcases.

So far we have been to Target and got a big drawer unit for my clothes, and spent the rest of the time sitting about watching movies or reading. Kit is being very friendly, but she's also still peeing on random spots on the floor. So she's banished to the spare room. Unfortunately that means I can't start fixing it up as my room yet, so I'm squeezing my stuff in amongst Loki's, we need a nice stack of milk crates to decant junk into.

So far it's not too hot here, it's consistantly grey and hazy/cloudy, very humid, but not DEADLY heat. It rained on my first full day here, it was really heavy warm rain, accompanied by thunder. I love warm rain, it's got all the fun of a Gene Kelly musical, without the whole getting chilled to the bone thing.

Loki's still asleep, but then he works nights so our hours are rather offset. I'm going along to a fancy restaurant near where he lives to see about getting a job to tide me over till I can find lab work. The manager was in Loki's Pub one night and said they were looking for waitresses who knew something about wines, and he said I should go along and see about applying, especially when told I'm British. I'm just so naturally classy you see....


OK, time for coffeeeeeeeeee.


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