Sunday, August 05, 2001

Mmmm...brain not working. What to say? Well I'm glad K'wyn set this up for me to be on my already existing website, I figured it was possible but I know naaaahting of how to set it up. Maybe I'll even get some help polishing my website to make it look less like a pagebuilder special :-¤

Today we went to Castle Gloum (yeah, Castle Gloom) properly called Castle Campbell.

"We wandered around for many days, lost in the forest. Finally we came upon the castle. Or...what was left of the castle I suppose you would say. Anyway, we got to the castle, but sadly...ten minutes after tea time" Thus ends the K'wyn as Billy Crystal as Old Narrator Dude section of the posting.

The way up to the castle used to have a detour where you go along wooden walkways and staircases right next to and over waterfalls and stuff of the "Burn of Cair" (stream of worry to you non scots) "But you see, when we got to the stream...the path...she was closed. So we walked around the long way around to find the path on the other side. She was closed" *Rosie slaps the old Russian narrator dude upside the head to get K'wyn back*

You done now? "maybe yes. maybe no. I tell you later"

*Rosie locates the trapdoor button*


(Rosie pushed the trapdoor button)

No I'm not having a battle with my alter-ego. I'm having a battle with one of K'wyn's. Marginally less insane. Maybe.

The point being, no groovy elfland gorge climbing. But a nice walk anyway, once it was over. *ahem* Hopefully we got some good pictures. And I managed to resist, or avoid buying another pack of smokes, so today has been nicotine free. Which believe me was amazing considering how the day started out. (Rosie getting teased by mother while holding knife, Rosie speedily go for walk before tempted to brandish knife at anything other than dried out cheese. (Rosie also leave K'wyn to the mercy of the cogsci PhD student *tap tap tap*))

Rosie go bed now. Much to do tomorrow. Including trying to get phone money out of Duncan.Yargh. (K'wyn laughs in background) And going into my bank (again) to make sure they really have paid attention to the fact that I no longer live in London.

Take care anyone who bothers to read this.


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