Sunday, September 30, 2001

How do you know when you're taking the easy way out, and when you're striking out on your own? Most options in life seem to bring up plenty of their own problems, surely it's more a question of picking the walls you CAN climb, not beating your head against the ones you don't have a big enough ladder for?

Like many poeple I easily fall towards what looks like the easier option, against my better judgement sometimes too. Each time I've done that I've regretted it later, usually not a lot, but it's there. What I'm most thankful for is that I've managed to pull myself out of it every time. It's not good to be the girl who can't say no, but as long as you can say it when it's REALLY important it can be ok.

I'm too tired to make any more sense right now, anyone who knows what's going on with me will get what I'm talking about. Anyone who doesn't know what's going on with me shouldn't have this url anyway!


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