Sunday, September 23, 2001

Still looking online for good fares to SD, I've found a bunch, but I'm looking more to see if I can beat 'em by the time I've organised the payment for said ticket. Hey, if I lived in Phoenix AZ I'd be able to fly to San Diego for $68 round trip... That's what all national flights should cost! I'm used to being able to take a train to almost anywhere in the country for 50 pounds or so ($75), usually less, and of course you can get practically anywhere in the UK by train without having to arrive a day later, or even 3 days later.

The cat is caterwauling. It's her job. She's apparently complaining because she can't go out and hunt squirrels all night. Not that she'd be able to catch one, or know what to do if she even caught up with one. Captain Kit is fairly limited in her hunting skills. Grasshoppers are a challenge, and we don't have any of them. Loki and I have debated buying a few from a pet store, just to give her the exercise.

*drumroll* today I've applied online for 7 (count em) jobs. I emailed my biotech resume out like a mad resume-mailing demon thingy. I rewarded myself with a cute little imitation zippo (ie, 1/3 of the price, works just as good) with a cartoon cat on it that looks like Kit, and a pack of clove cigarettes. (OK so I did the buying b4 the emailing, but I did earn em....)

Now it's bedtime, and of course I'm feeling energetic again. I'm sure it won't last, once I'm lying down it's very hard to convince my body to stay awake.


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