Monday, September 03, 2001

There are some films you really can do without seeing. Some because the scripts are painfully bad, and some because they're just plain painful. "Hannibal" was on in the Pint last night while I was keeping Loki company at work. As he said, it's like a train wreck, you don't want to see, but you can't stop looking. I was (just about) ok with the gut-and-hang the Italian policeman out of the window of a famous building in Florence, I was even (marginally) ok with the man-eating wild boar. It's the slicing-open-someone's-head-and-feeding-them-their-own-brain part that I, personally, could really do without. Yick yick yick yick. And did I mention OW!? It's probably made worse by the knowledge that it is theoretically possible to do, no pain sensors in the brain and so forth. OK, I'm changing subjects before I make myself, and you, sick.

*deep breath....thinking happy thoughts* Oh, Kit is still rebelling against the opressive toilet rules. I guess it is rather an infringement of her rights to expect her to only ever use one of the two litter trays provided, and not have the freedom to poop wherever the urge takes her. *ahem* Otherwise she's being a sweetie, probably because she knows she's being "bad" so she's not bitching or trying to bite the hand that feeds/pets/cleans up after her.

Today is Labour Day, and it's raining. Teehee, so much for the best BBQ day of the year. Muah hah hah, I have foiled the puny Atlantans' plans for outdoor fun by bringing Edinburgh weather with me.

Loki's off to work now, and I'm gonna locate quarters and do some laundry.

Ooooh, I can go back to Banana Yoshimoto now I've finished the last (sniff) Lois McMasters-Bujold book.


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