Friday, September 07, 2001

Time to sum up my first week and a half in Atlanta...
Waking up after noon most days and having to scramble to get anything done before offices close [check]
Getting used to the keyboard with stickers to mark letters, some of which are on sideways. [check]
Experiencing Rocky Horror as a non-virgin. [check]
Walking a mile in high heels (in the rain) to get to Rocky, thus giving myself a 2" blood blister on my foot. [ouch, I mean check]
Playing counsellor (with Loki) to victims of melodramatic breakups [check and double check]
Fielding a phonecall from one of the causes of first melodramatic breakup without letting on that I know about the porn film. [check]
Failing to print out snazzy Resume due to lack of drivers on my laptop and floppy drive on Loki's [check] (feeble excuse, but I hate giving money to Kinkos)
Waking up with a cat trying to either smother me or steal my pillow. [not sure which, but check anyway]
Acting like an old married couple even though we've only been living together for a week [check]
Bitching at Loki about the mess in the apartment [*sigh grumble* check]

That pretty much covers it. Yes I did mean that about the porn movie. There's certainly some interesting people around here...


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