Thursday, September 27, 2001

Well, I've got my first job interview, somewhere around the 10th of October (waiting to hear the details form the human resources dept) for a research job at an SD-based company called Aurora Biosciences Corp. It's as part of a research group investigating ion channels (mostly the voltage-gated variety) and the effects on said ion channels of new drugs, with a view to applicaitons in cystic fibrosis treatments.

The interview will take all morning, and will involve a 1/2 hour presentation from me (eeeep) on one of the research projects I've been involved in for work experience. Cue Rosie doing mucho homework on ion channels, cystic fibrosis, and whatever she's supposed to already know about lab work for the presentation.

It's really exciting, and nerve-wracking, because this is actually the only job that has really jumped out at me so far as something I want to do, I'd rather have an interview for one I'm not QUITE so keen to get so that I can practice on it!

Loki and I are still on tender footing about this, understandably he's not a happy bunny, but a job's a job.

So on october 9th I'll be heading for California, and sometime soon after that I'll be subjecting the poor interviewers at Aurora Biosciences with my spiel about GABA-linked long term potentiation in the hippocampus. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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