Thursday, May 02, 2002

And what's all that about you ask?

Well...*settles herself perched over back of chair and unfurls wings for full range of expression*

It seems that this little Fae has been mis-handling the new mission, commonly known as "go forth and date people". Has she been flashing the passers by? Setting fire to those who randomly don't email her back after conversing for a while? Wearing that red top just to taunt the poor bunnies? Nope, apparently she fell foul to the most evil of behaviors: trying to be a nice person

*looks down at her lap for a while, trying to find exactly the right words* If I had said, at any point, "look, don't get any ideas buster, 'cause I'm kinda spoken for" how would it have been taken? The plan was for me to go check out a karate class and hang out with one of the instructors afterwards, my dating status didn't really seem an important factor, and I realize that was a mistake on my part, but I really had no idea that my turning up was taken as a grand gesture of potential romance and other such warm fuzzies. I did realize during the course of the evening that it was something I should mention, but couldn't see how to do so tactfully, the situation was made more urgent by a request from K'wyn for company, not the kind of request for company one can turn down.

When I left to go to the beach for a vigil with K'wyn I was worried that I had handled things badly.

I am so sorry to have caused anyone any kind of distress. But I keep coming back to this: if you believe I'm capable of being that bitchy and untruthful, why do you have any interest in me at all?

~Ash, the misguided accidental dragon-chewing faerie.

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